"Shane White" "Jet City Comic Show" "Nazi  Octopus" "Retro" "Bomber Girl"
I’m pleased to offer cheap jerseys some of our very übersicht first products from our Wrigley store! Did he just say STORE? wholesale jerseys China Yes I wholesale jerseys did.

These are high quality 11″ x 17″ digital Indigo prints limited to 25 each. I have a handful of each left and some artist’s proofs.

"Shane White" "Jet City Comic Show" "Nazi Gorilla" "Retro" "Bomber Girl"
James Taylor and Brian Meredith over at Jet City Comic Show commissioned me to do these for them and it’s been a real blast getting to work with the same character. It’s always rewarding too when they come up with ideas for products like this.
"Shane White" "Jet City Comic Show" "Demon Dinosaur" "Retro" "Bomber Girl"I think Exeo you’ll dig these. I’d Tayler keep them for myself but I have only so much wallspace. And as far as I can tell This there may be more in the works.


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