"Shane White" "Captain America" "Commission" "Comic Art" "Illustration"I think I probably put my back into this one a little too much. I ended up doing countless roughs trying to figure out the best composition, villain, pose…you name it. I couldn’t decide! The details are what got me too…I had printed out some reference and while paying attention to some of the smaller details I messed up on easily one of the biggest; the shield.

My brain was caught between the obvious reference elements and seeing the Captain America movie and in the movie he uses the round shield for a large part of it. BUT…the shield in the reference was from the early 40s that Simon and Kirby had come up with. Since I don’t use whiteout on my commissions I would have had to redo the entire thing. I talked it over with the client because I believe it’s important to keep people abreast of the situation. Own your mistakes and move on, right? Anyway,  he said while he was happy with the piece I could do it over if I wanted too.

Sometimes you have to know when to throw in the towel and call it good. I liked how it turned out for the most part.
But it’s still gonna bug me to no end. I’m just glad the client was happy with the results…warts and all.


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