I’ve been MIA for many months but the wheels of progress are slowly churning away. I’m almost done coloring the first chapter of a five chapter OGN. I hope to keep going steady with that. Also…two projects have landed in stores:

PATHFINDER: GOBLINS #1 of which I did the second story in the book.

BAD KARMA Vol.I again, which I had a small 4 pager in.

Beyond that, it’s just me on the OGN and a pinup here and there. It’s all I have time for if I want to get anything done. :)However I will be at the ROSE CITY COMICON this weekend at TABLE M-09 in PORTLAND, OREGON. I’ll be doing sketches, selling prints of which I’ll have a bunch of and books. Pretty much the usual fair. I’ll have some new art to show as well.


Should be fun.


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