"shane white" "figure art" "nude" "fine art" "drawing"The Red Squirrel purchased about 3000 sheets of newsprint for some gardening project. Knowing that I can’t let blank paper go to waste I’ve embarked on using said paper. I was sketching on it, filling up an 11″ x 17″ piece or so every night for about a year. It’s also great for figure drawing sessions of which I’ve attended a few. My favorite thing about it is that it takes colored pencil really well. Very smooth, especially if you have a fat stack of the paper underneath.

What’s great about using colored pencil is you can push your understanding of warm and cool colors and try combinations you’d never considered before. I make sure the colors have enough contrast so I can build up a decent value range. In most cases, I use about two colors…but every so often I can get away with three or more. Just depends on if I’m feeling it or not.

I usually spend the break periods sharpening the things but that’s fine. I’m raring to go with a fistful of color when the timer goes off again.

I’ve added a bunch of the drawings in my FIGURE WORK section under FINE ART.

"shane white" "figure art" "nude" "fine art" "drawing"

Check it out and let me know what you think.


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