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If you’re into comics you may know the name.

If you’re not into comics his work is definitely worth a look. His skill is so refined I would love to know what Alex Toth would have said about his work. As you may well know he was the master of distilling art and storytelling down to it’s essential elements. And while there are many who are directly influenced by Toth and Sickles few put their own imprint on it as to be removed enough to call it their own. I think Cory Walker is one of those guys.

His art on SUPER PATRIOT and DESTROYER with Robert Kirkman I think are some of my favorite works of his.  What’s crazy is he’s done so little work. That’s why after a few minutes of downloading little sketches from his blog I kind of went “a little” out of my mind and decided it would never be enough. I have a lot to learn from this guy and I want it all in one place. Hopefully you take the time to seek out his work. In the meantime you can download a higher res version here by RIGHT-CLICKING and saving: http://tinyurl.com/7e5d9h7
Or if you want to check out his blog (blag): http://www.corenthal.blogspot.com/ It’s definitely worth it.