"Shane White" "Commission" "Art" "Comic Art" "Black and White" "Spiderman" "Steampunk"

I had great fun putting this commission together for a recent client. He had wanted a steampunk version of Spiderman and since just showing Spiderman wasn’t going to be terribly interesting to me I thought adding the Green Goblin would up the ante. I had him re-engineer an old Mr. Punch mask to give him more goblin appeal as well as decked him out in 19th century privateer garb.

Thanks to those who’ve  spread this image around. Seems like a lot people dig it for some reason. And I concur with the few out there, “WHY ISN’T THERE A STEAMPUNK SPIDERMAN BOOK?” They won’t know unless you ask. 🙂

Also for more of my “traditional” Spiderman work check out this.