"Shane White" "Comics" "Samples" "Fantasy" "Kirby" "Inking" "Penciling" "Tales of Avalon"

If you’re looking for this book I’m sure you’ll be disappointed to know you’d have to fly to Italy to get it. Though…there could be worse fates. My friend Alessandro Micelli hooked me up with this Kirby-Inspired project.  Of which, I was honored to get 6 pages to do. Seems like I got the most pages of anyone and was able to endcap it all on my own. There’s a lot of great art in here so I’m pleased to be in such great company. You can see the pages I did here.

"Shane White" "Comics" "Samples" "Fantasy" "Kirby" "Inking" "Penciling"My favorite page from the project was where I got to draw Lucifer as a kid.