"Shane White" "Comics" "Gutters" "Comic Art" "Illustration" "Spiderman" "Black and White"It’s not exactly for Marvel but for a parody site called GUTTERS . From the looks of it they’re big on poking fun at the comic industry and its creators. A talented friend of mine, RUS WOOTON, hooked me up with the gig. It went pretty smooth until I realized the 7pm deadline was EST and not PST. For some reason or another that was not evident from the word go. Luckily I had planned on hitting my PST deadline with no problem but then I felt bad that the other guys down the line got screwed.

Sorry gents. You’ll also notice a difference between the art above and the finished art. I chose to go with a night shot of Spiderman but then it was colored for day. I guess they were sticking to the idea that “comedy” is always bright and cheery.

Oh well, it was a fun challenge.

And now back to inking Braun…only 64 pages to go!