Service House CoverNot much.

Except one is supposed to make you feel pretty darn good. Though I’m still on the fence about it. I suspect the parameters would be better if you had total freedom. However, when you do pro-Bono or volunteer work for a project, people want an extra pair of hands and maybe your skills to fulfill a specific need. Despite having tried it once, I’d rather do free work and know that I had free reign. I guess that means I’m a selfish person and my heart belongs on the mantel of The Grinch.

I’m okay with that.

Then again, I think you have to truly believe in the cause to give freely of your time. You have to already have an investment either by choice or circumstance.

This is the book project I did a few years ago for Urban Sparks. There was lettering but I opted for the non-lettered version to share. If nothing else I like the simple style I came up with and enjoyed working with the people involved.

Service House p02Service House p03Service House p04Service House p05Service House p06Service House p07Service House p08Service House p09Service House p10

It’s worth noting that the schematic drawings on the cover were done by CORE architects…who also volunteered their time.