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About a year ago I was contacted by my friend Jeremy Haun who wanted to know if I would be interested in drawing a story that he was writing for Bad Karma Vol. 1. I’d heard him and the rest of the gang talking about this anthology project for quite some time. But now it was actually starting to really take shape. Gladly I accepted, since it was a short four-page story. I didn’t realize it would end up being the lead story in the book. Maybe that’s for the better, so I wouldn’t sweat the details too much. It was fun to do and was a nice break from coloring to get back to drawing and inking. But those damn drafting tables…sheesh.

I put these all up in the COMICS section if you ever want to go back and check them out."Shane White" "Bad Karma" "Crime" "Comics" "Noir" "Comic Art""Shane White" "Bad Karma" "Crime" "Comics" "Noir" "Comic Art" "Shane White" "Bad Karma" "Crime" "Comics" "Noir" "Comic Art"

I should have some more stuff to post real soon, too. Happy Labor Day.