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Back again, because I couldn’t sleep. So, why not do some website maintenance? I’ve actually a lot of upkeep to tend to on the site. I need to post new items for sale and new projects that are done or in the works. Yes, this is the echo of pure neglect. I assure you, I’ve been busy on a very cool project that I’m now 42 pages away from finishing…besides covers…and er…marketing materials. BUT…so close. So very close.

I’ll try to kick it into high-gear here soon. Thanks for your stalwart patience and understanding. In the meantime, I just realized I have books on Comixology. And yet, I’ve never read a digital comic, let alone my own digital comic. Maybe you only like comics digitally. Well, have at it! They’re pretty damn cheap if I do say so myself. Maybe now, I’ll finally make some money off of this “grotesque hobby” as some people may have called it. Fye to them.