"Shane White" "Comics" "Fantasy" "Pathfinder: Goblins" "Comic Art" "Cover"

A little over a year and a half ago I was contacted by Dynamite Entertainment to do a 12 page story for the first issue of PATHFINDER: GOBLINS. It was written by Erik Mona whom I’d never heard of before. I really dug the script and had never tried drawing a fantasy-based story before even though some of my early work was in the D&D manuals of the late 90s. Overall, it was a different take on the characters and world which garnered mixed reviews. I had fun, and really that’s all that matters when you’re doing any work.

"Shane White" "Comics" "Fantasy" "Pathfinder: Goblins" "Comic Art" "Shane White" "Comics" "Fantasy" "Pathfinder: Goblins" "Comic Art" "Shane White" "Comics" "Fantasy" "Pathfinder: Goblins" "Comic Art" "Shane White" "Comics" "Fantasy" "Pathfinder: Goblins" "Comic Art"

Here’s a link to find EIGHT more pages in the COMICS section! And apparently they’ll be a hardcover coming out sometime soon. So, if you want to see this in color and have a nice coffeetable book, chat up your local comics shop.