"shane white" "longboard" "skateboard" "let it ride" "sci-fi" "illustration" "wally wood"

Well actually LONGBOARDS. For those who like to hang back and travel with ease LET IT RIDE out of Spokane and I teamed up to create some cool graphics for several models.  That’s what I was working on in that INKING VIDEO I did awhile back. The other board is based on this illustration I did for myself. And lastly the Sinbad one was from an unused comic cover.

You can customize them with whatever trucks and wheel sets you so desire and they’re super fast. Shipping anywhere is what they do well. I got mine in two days. FREE SHIPPING over $50!

"shane white" "longboards" "skatedecks" "let it ride" "illustration" "comics" "sci-fi" "wally wood"

I liked how the SPACE RAVAGER piece turned out so I had Paul outfit one with galaxy trucks and cherry red wheels. He had taped and trucked in no time. It’s bad ass!

"shane white" "longboards" "skatedecks" "let it ride" "illustration" "comics" "bear trucks" "wallywood"

Let those guys know I sent you! I’d love to do more stuff.

Ride on!