"Shane White" "Sketchbook" "No.2" "comics" "art"

I don’t know what happened. It was here and gone, >snap< just like that! I was actually pretty happy with how it turned out but the forces of the market overtook this book in no time. One would think, “If that’s the case why not reprint it?” And yet, I have considered it, but sketchbook sales since, have ground to a halt.

"Shane White" "sketchbook" "sketches" "No.2" "comics" "art"

Maybe the time has passed and those halcyon days of old are even further behind us. Regardless, if the above sketch sample swells your brainpan to a fever-pitch and you’d like to be notified of a reprint run, please sign up to the email list here. And I’ll see if we can’t get enough acolytes to get this thing off the ground again. In the meantime thanks for your support.