"shane white" "sketchbook" "sketches" "No.3" "comics" "art"

Finally, the 3rd installment of my sketchbook series is now ready to be shipped out! The same printing quality, page count, and specially designed remix of sketches make for a jam-packed visual overload. Since the 2nd one sold out so fast, I was concerned that people might be starving, and my empathetic nature got the best of me. We’re talking value for money here, people. 🙂

"shane white" "sketchbook" "sketches" "No.3" "comics" "art"

It’s a mixed bag of warts and all and pinups galore. I love putting these things together, and with each one I get to add something new. This one in particular has more halftone pencil work, various commissions, and some behind-the-scenes development work from concept design and comic gigs.

Tell your friends, have a party, share the wealth. 🙂

Available now in the store.