"Shane White" "American Brewing  Co." "Beer" "Beer Label" "Illustration" "Product Packaging" "Alcohol Art"

Finally had a chance to do a product shot. Wished I could have spent another hour or so on this but time is of the essence and these things needed to be drunk!

In association with JET CITY COMIC SHOW and AMERICAN BREWING CO. they crafted this kristall weizen in the motif of Wizard of Oz. If these sell well…there may be more to come! 🙂

Doing this gig reminded me of a job I had at Hughes Design in Norwalk Connecticut many years ago. I was hired as a junior designer having only worked first at a t-shirt company right out of school. My first design work was to create camera-ready bottle art as well as six-pack carrier for a local brewery. It was back in the day where we used photocopies and electrostatic plastics that heated together would make solid color adhesives that could be layered to make convincing labels. It would even do foil which was the basis of the label I was designing. I honestly think it was this experience of creating intensely photo-perfect art for print (because the product wouldn’t be manufactured and coupons needed to be generated 3 months prior) that boosted my instincts for minding the details.

When you have an Art Director who would, every time, see type, graphics or what-have-you 1/64th of inch off…you learned pretty quick what tolerance you had to work within. When thousands of dollars of your clients money are at stake it’s imperative everything is right.

I only lasted 7 months because the stress of that kind of detail gave me ulcers at the age of 22.