"shane white" "gouache" "painting" "studies" "fine art" "plein aire" "landscape" "whidbey island"
I just got back from Whidbey Island where I spent three days painting. I was taking a class that Mike Hernandez was teaching and thought it was time to stretch out of my comfort zone a little. I picked up a few ideas and approaches to add to the toolset and now I can wait to get past this book deadline to get back out there and paint…I may have to just take an hour break here and there and just do it. Gouache painting one of the more “run and gun” approaches to plein aire.
"shane white" "gouache" "painting" "studies" "fine art" "plein aire" "landscape" "whidbey island""shane white" "gouache" "painting" "studies" "fine art" "plein aire" "landscape" "whidbey island""shane white" "gouache" "painting" "studies" "fine art" "plein aire" "landscape" "whidbey island""shane white" "gouache" "painting" "studies" "fine art" "plein aire" "landscape" "whidbey island"One of the main things I learned was that you have to just get out and paint in all types of weather. Gouache is very resilient and you can change your mind on a dime. Finding cover and looking for interesting moments, one can push their personal preferences into a painting and not just act as an automaton. Recording exactly what’s in front of you while is something to be admired misses out on the opportunity for narrative and getting at the heart of  human expression.

Mike’s deep understanding of these things I think comes through wonderfully in his work…which I was also happy to add to my growing collection. 🙂