"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "figure" "gypsy" "plein aire""

It’s rare I get a lot of figure models to paint. Partly I don’t care for posed models and partly because the ones engaged in real life don’t do anything interesting either. Wah. Still, moving faster to get down the shapes is ideal. I can all-too easily over-intellectualize the color transitions in the face and miss the bigger picture. Squinting for value and details help. Still, I’d like to get better and need to do more.

"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "trellis" "garden" "oregon"

Last year we went to Redmond, Oregon and stayed at an Air BnB. it was a great time spent on this very private property surrounded by 30 miles of mountain bike trail. Of course I took every opportunity to paint as the light and surroundings were very cool and quite different than what I was used, too.

"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "mountain" "garden" "oregon"

By the end of it we’d gotten a lot more sun than we’d counted on but hanging out on a cliff side overlooking the river below was hard to beat. Every evening we’d relax and watch the sunset and the rabbits and deer chase each other through the rocks. Occasionally, I’d do my best to chase the fading light but never quite getting it.