"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "old house" "garden" "seattle"

A year ago I started packing up the house as we knew we’d be moving into a new house in North Ballard. We’d lived in Fremont for 12 years and finally felt like it was time to move on. The house was no longer going to work in terms of remodel and expansion. As much as we loved the neighborhood and the central closeness to everything we felt stuck in terms of potential for living space use.

Our garden patio was one of the best features of the house, though. It felt private, beautifully shaded and well designed. I give my wife the credit for making it what it was: something worth painting.

"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "old house" "garden" "seattle"When we first moved there a large curving plum tree was the focus of the garden. It was gorgeous. But a couple months of drought eventually ended it’s life and it tipped over.