"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "ocean" "People" "Florida" "Coco Beach"

There are many things to like about Florida but for me it has to be the flora & fauna. I don’t care for the temperatures much, not really a beach person, but when it comes to color there’s a lot to work with. So, sure, I can be a beach person if need be.

I was visiting my folks and my mother wanted to take me to Coco Beach, so we went. We ended up staying at the Hilton on the beach which had nice views and was close to some good eateries further down the road. The beach was windy and people were moving so working quickly was important. Especially since my Dad was holding the umbrella from toppling over.

"shane white" "painting" "gouache" "color" "ocean" "People" "Florida" "Coco Beach"

Just before we left and everyone was tired of getting sandblasted, I made a last minute decision to paint the hotel behind me. The clouds in Florida are great. I love the light bouncing off them.