"shane white" "comics" "kickstarter" "braun" "graphic novel"

Finally, I’ve got my new KICKSTARTER for BRAUN up and running.It’s a 170+pg. oversized graphic novel. It’s huge…the story is sprawling, the characters relationships are deep and the enemy is all around.

"Shane White" "Braun" "Graphic Novel" "Kickstarter"

If you’d like to get an idea of the story and interior art you can see full-color pages here. Or read along to the grayscale pages on the free albeit slow webcomic.

Please consider a pledge today. The more backers the more people get the book.

I think most people would consider this a learning experience. I know I have. It’s akin to starting a business with a main goal in mind, but in this case you’re asking for funding. Which, I’ve never done before. Being a freelance artist and getting the infrastructure setup for my business is something I’ve always been able to do on my own. However, self-publishing is a much bigger animal.

"shane white" "comics" "kickstarter" "braun" "graphic novel"

Speaking of bigger animals. I’m working on the voice-over narration for the hardcover wrap-around cover today. This was a beast to conceive but I do like where I landed on it. If nothing else I can call it done. By pledging you’ll have BACKER-EXCLUSIVE UPDATES and behind-the-scenes videos and art. It’s kind of sweet deal and any price gets you in the door.

BUT… if you’re really into FREE ART and GIVEAWAYS, pledges over $40 will be able to win stuff along the way.

Anyway, even if you’re not able to pledge I’d appreciate sharing the KICKSTARTER with a friend, enemy, lover, teacher, spouse, child or any intelligent creature with good taste and a keen-eye for handsome books.