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It’s been a crazy couple of weeks. Just bananas.

If you’ve been following me on social media I’m sure you’ve seen me preaching the gospel of my KICKSTARTER. It’s been going swell. And what makes it special are these ART GIVEAWAYS I keep doing every time we chalk up another 50 backers. Anyone pledging over $40 is eligible.

Why is that, Shane?

I’ll tell you. It costs less for me to add a little more shipping than to package and ship something entirely on it’s own. Besides, it’ll be better protected within the confines of the book. The earlier you get in the more chances you have to win. Talk about marketing rhyming scheme…damn, Superman! 🙂

So, please, check out the video below and if you feel compelled to support me this Holiday Season I might be able to put in a good word with the fat man in red.