"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"

Last year I started a new project called DEAD MAN’S CURVE. It’s a “Sunshine Noir” that my friend B. Clay Moore wanted to collaborate on. I was super-excited because I’m a huge fan of the history of California culture. It covered everything from surfing, to custom cars, motorcycle gangs and racing…and a little FBI intrigue to boot. I’d had the script for a year before I actually was able to start in on it. Because there were no less than 25 characters it required a lot of reference gathering and concepts to come up with and about three months of pre-production before I even started on sequentials.

"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie" "shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"

Even then, I wanted to try something new. Since I was the one who had to color it I really wanted to make a statement, to break from what I’d been doing on Braun for so long. Right or wrong I had a few test pieces I did before I landed on an amalgam of influences from 1960s illustrators.

"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie" "shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"I think one of the main reasons why I chose this direction was it’d keep my interest and I could try several different approaches. It was an effort to break with tradition and play more. Coloring comics the same way day-in day-out is not entirely satisfying. I think treating each page as an illustration that bends and reacts to the story is far more interesting to me…and hopefully the reader.

"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie" "shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie" "shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"Anyway, we pitched it around got some nice comments overall but no real traction on publishing it. I finished the first issue in good faith, because I really like the concept. Maybe sometime in the near future we’ll offer the first issue but for now you can check out more pages here.