"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"

I think I’ve always been fascinated by engines and car culture. I remember in grade school flipping through Hot Rod magazines in the Library. It was before the teachers or anyone else realized the ads in the back were filled with sexual double entendres on the t-shirts worn by barely-clad ladies.

Still, I was quite fascinated by the flames, the machines, the engines and the sexy lines of custom cars. It was the 70s and muscle cars were not only being customized but they were rolling off the factory lines. I can’t cop to the fact of knowing much about cars, I was never a wrenchhead. I frequented local auto-ramas and was mostly lost in the paintwork. I think over time though I got a feel for car makers and more or less the style or year the car came out. But it was no where near my proficiency in detecting films.

"shane white" "bclay moore" "Dead Mans Curve" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"

As cool as Star Wars was, I liked both American Graffiti and Corvette Summer about the same. I had more Hot Wheels and Matchbox cars than I could count, and spent endless hours trying to recreate the actual physics of crashing cars. When Smokey and the Bandit came around…I lost my mind. The black and gold Trans Am was the new standard.

And even though I was getting old enough to drive I think my love for cars dwindled. The DeLorean had come out and while that was cool, I think it was the Chrysler K-Car that pretty much killed it for me. I had no interest in anything new for a very long time. And the further we got away from the 70s the worse it got. Every car company had their version of what everyone else was doing and nobody was making their mark. It wasn’t until years later with the Lotus and the Vipers and Audi TTs did I take notice again, but then I became more practical in my transportation needs. Maybe that’s a good thing. I might have ended up like James Dean.

Anyway, here are a couple of covers that I was playing around for Dead Man’s Curve.