"shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"I found some old DOC SAVAGE pencil pages that I thought I’d try a different ink approach. I grew up using crowquill but have never tried solely inking pages with it. While it’s an interesting approach I’m still not sure I like the results as much as brush.

"shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks""shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"For one the pages are not as soft as with my brush inking. Which in itself is it’s own look. I do like the immediacy of the line, but in this case I didn’t pencil knowing I’d be using quill, so I think I’d have probably made some adjustments."shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks""shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"One thing that was actually kind of fun and new is using a metal straight edge for all my straight lines. I’d never done that before but I think the varied line weight makes for a more interesting outcome. Unfortunately, I had to switch to a regular inking pen to do any ellipses and circles. I have to assume artists way back when actually did it freehand. It would have looked to loose if I’d done it though."shane white" "doc savage" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"Check out the other original penciled and inked pages in my VARIOUS SAMPLES to compare.