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Lately I’ve been experimenting, looking to break old habits and try to achieve a more contemporary look to my work. I think what I’ve noticed is I really enjoy feathering when I ink. Not a lot of comics out there today have art with much feathering.

A lot of that volume has been taken up by colorists who have more input as to the shape and end results of the book. Not that I’m against anyone making a living or making great art, but it’s not my preference to hand over so much control."Shane White" "comics" "art" "green arrow" "pinup" "illustration" "Shane White" "comics" "art" "superman" "pinup" "illustration"While I won’t give up completely the hypnotic effect of feathering, I’ve made efforts to tone it down, to make it tighter. If you look at comics from the Bronze Age of comics (1970s) you’ll see massive feathering which carried over into the 80s. At least that’s not the deep end of the pool I’ve been swimming in. Still there are a few characters like Conan, that the romance of feathering still makes a lot of sense.

"Shane White" "comics" "art" "conan" "pinup" "illustration"To me anyways.