"shane white" "comics" "graphic novels" "fantasy" "illustration" "horror"So far, this year, is shaping up nicely. The unexpected seems to keep happening and for whatever reason I’m going with it. Usually I’m reticent of surprises, good or bad, but I find if stay open to possibilities and put my fear in the rear view mirror, there’s a good chance I’ll enjoy the ride.

The images above are from a horror fantasy that I’ll be pitching later this year. Right now I’m in the middle of another project as seen below. It’s no longer called Dead Man’s Curve but everything else is moving along as planned. The samples below were all a part of the world-building and style process. Somewhere in there is the truth.

"shane white" "endless summer" "comics" "bclaymoore" "crime" "noir" "surfing"

Also, I’ve been oil painting every day for at least an hour for the past month. I did something similar when I was 12; drew at least an hour every day and never missed a day for what…11 years! And wouldn’t you know, I got better at it, too. So, I thought, why not get my head on straight and give it a go.

Last year, I did a lot of watercolor, gouache painting and a little acrylic painting, which was great. I’m not about to give all that up, but adding the oil back in has been a wonderful and welcome challenge.

As part of my daily routine, I’ve been pounding away on my second novel, a speculative fiction piece about automata in an alternate Victorian universe. My goal tends to be 2000 words before I finish breakfast which has definitely helped me keep focused.

Otherwise, I’m just keeping up with THE PROCESS.

Be good. Stay strong. And keep creating!