"Shane White" "Gnemo" "The Process" "Tom Kidd" "Fantasy Art" "Fantasy Illustrator" "Artist Profiles" Artist" "Documentary"It’s been a long time coming trying to finish the first of what I’m hoping will be more ARTIST PROFILES. I’ve got two others in various stages of recording and editing. But as some of you may know, working with artists are like herding cats. No matter…you take what you can.

I did a formal write-up here of my interview with Tom Kidd and his friend Abe Eccheveria. If you’ve seen Parts 1 and 2 of the supplemental video to the audio interview you’ll hear how much fun we had talking about art, artists and illustration. At the bottom of page is TWO ADDITIONAL segments. One is the third part of the interview back at Tom’s house and the other are some outtakes that I thought were amusing.

"Shane White" "Gnemo" "The Process" "Tom Kidd" "Fantasy Art" "Fantasy Illustrator" "Artist Profiles" Artist" "Documentary"

Anyway, I hope you enjoy them. Drop me a line and let me know what you think and be sure to share these with your friends. Hopefully you won’t have to wait 50 more episodes for the next one.