"shane patrick white" "shane white" "illustration" "fantasy" "the realm" "jeremy haun" "comics"As a break from the luxuriant whining and indulgence of my Parisian Escapades here are a few covers for a really cool comic called THE REALM by my friend Jeremy Haun. I proposed several and he seemed to like all three and so, I worked up all three.

Out of them all, this one is my favorite. Not that I dislike the other two but I was trying for something and this is the closest I’ve gotten to achieving it. Maybe it’s luck. One can never know for certain until they do another and another. I think there’s a saying, like you do it once, it’s lucky, twice, it’s fortunate, and three times the charm or maybe I’m just making things up. 🙂

Anyway, if you’d like to see how I illustrated it, check out THE PROCESS channel I created just for this sort of thing.

"shane patrick white" "shane white" "illustration" "fantasy" "the realm" "jeremy haun" "comics"This one I believe is coming out in April. I wanted to show how reckless orcs could be on a small town. Still could have pushed it some more but given the fact I was trying to get this done before my Paris trip, you can probably understand how abandonment was the only option. Either way, I’m looking forward to seeing these in print.

Fantasy hasn’t always been my bag. I mean, I read my fair share of it, and even my RPG work started as a Dungeons and Dragon artist, but I found that there are ‘rules’ and ‘expectations’ around fantasy characters that require a gold member nerd card of which I am not a carrier. I like pushing elements further and seeing what I can get away with. I like what Jeremy is doing with the book. He’s taking a very practical approach to fantasy, or what I would have deemed as ‘questing’ back in my youth. Pretty exciting stuff. "shane patrick white" "shane white" "illustration" "fantasy" "the realm" "jeremy haun" "comics"

This last piece was actually my first idea. What if a dragon treated a car like a chew toy? Hilarity and fear ensues. Oh and here’s the “MAKING OF” video for this as well.