"shane white" "shane patrick white" "scifi" "studiowhite" "comics" "illustration" "The Overman" "scott reed"After several weeks of gathering all the material I could find as well as making several needed corrections I’m happy to say,  =THE OVERMAN= Collected Edition is final available through Comixology through my Studiowhite Productions digital imprint.

There will be no print edition. And as far as I can tell the trade paperback from 2008 is no longer in print or even available from the publisher. That’s why we made an effort to make this the penultimate collection of story and visual development.

"shane white" "shane patrick white" "scifi" "studiowhite" "comics" "illustration" "The Overman" "scott reed"

For the occasion I even created a step-by-step video of how I made the cover for THE PROCESS, my Youtube channel for art and exploration.

So if you like thrill-bent sci fi action and mystery check out the collection if you missed it the first time around. Even after all these years it’s still the most fun and disturbing work I’ve done. And the story is like nothing you’ve read before…at least I don’t think so.