"Shane White" "Braun" "comics" "comixology" "robots" "Scifi"All 5-issues of the 2017 BRAUN, my sci-fi series, is now available on GUMROAD. I’ve decided it’s a heck of a lot easier to upload and sell things through them than my own site. Also, while Comixology has a great reader system people still prefer reading .PDFs on whatever device they choose, so by all means, I want to make sure people have the options they care about most.

Best of all, each issue is only $1!





BOOK FIVE the 44 page conclusion…is also $1!

"shane white" "braun" "comixology" "sci fi" "comics" "digital"It’s been a great journey getting this book out to people and I’m hard at work at getting the next project out to publishers to see if I can drum up some interest. It’s a complete 180 from this project so I’m pretty excited to explore some undiscovered territory for myself. Finding the right fit will be important as well as the right amount of interest. With so much content available it’s hard to really grab people’s attention.

The one thing about producing longer works is the amount of time not only to create the story but to get that pitch right. It’s a process of understanding the essence of the work to be able to sell it succinctly to anyone and everyone. It’s something I’ve been working diligently on for some time and I’m hoping it pays off. For my latest project I’ve hired an editor to help with it. Having outside eyes on it has been a real boon to the creative process and I whole-heartedly recommend it to others. As is often the case the work I’m doing I’m very close to and even though I believe in the story and think it’s something worth telling, it doesn’t mean it’s without some serious flaws or…needs some balancing.

"shane white" "braun" "comixology" "sci fi" "comics" "digital"Whatever the case may be I think addressing one’s weakest links is only going to make your efforts worth while.

"shane white" "braun" "comixology" "sci fi" "comics" "digital"

In the meantime, check out BRAUN and give me a shout-out if you like the end result.

"shane white" "braun" "comixology" "sci fi" "comics" "digital"