"shane white" "illustration" "comics" "alien vs. predator" "digital" "painting" "avpSeptember is upon on us like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Where’d the summer go? Well I’ll say this, it’s the only time I remember that we had rain every other week or so in the last 20+ years of living in the Pacific Northwest. Last night, it culminated into one of the first thunder and lightning storms I’ve experienced out here. It was great!

Speaking of storms, I’ve had a monsoon of ideas hammering down on me for the past few months and I’ve been slowly pulling the trigger on a few of them. What’s different? I’m taking my time with them, seeing if I can increase the quality of the work without killing the spontaneity. Which is of course a trick in itself.

Anyway, I tackled this sci-fi piece to see if I could make something happen. It was fun to do and turned out okay.