Updated: June 25, 2019


  • "shane white" "bclay moore" "Endless Summer" "Surf" "noir" "comics" "indie"


    ENDLESS SUMMER is a surf noir book that tells the story of a group of young people, each of whom represents an aspect of early sixties youth culture, who come together under the guidance of a rogue FBI agent.

  • "shane white" "comics" "Braun" "Robots" "girls" "Sci Fi" "graphic novel"

    BRAUN: Techtonic Shift

    BRAUN is my latest OGN about a girl and her highly-advanced robot protector who is kidnapped by a powerful corporation. When her friends band together to save him they unlock a darker secret that could change humankind forever.

  • "shane white" "shane patrick white" "illustration" "digital" "painting" "fantasy" "concept art" "Green Arrow" "Black Canary"


    Even though I do a lot of my own writing and art (penciling, inking, lettering, coloring and graphic design) I still enjoy working on projects where I can focus on one or two disciplines.

  • "Pathfinder" "Goblins" "Shane White" "Cover" "Comics" "Illustration"

    Pathfinder: Goblins #1

    Pathfinder: Goblins #1 “Prize Pupil” is about the goblins from Paizo’s Pathfinder RPG who are pint-sized psychopaths, wreaking havoc across the land. Infamous for unpredictable attacks, catchy raiding songs, hatred of dogs, and fear of horses, goblins blend mischief and murderousness like no other monsters.

  • "Shane White" "Bad Karma" "Comics" "Anthology" "Crime"

    Bad Karma Vol. 1

    BAD KARMA VOL. 1 is a 200-page collection of comic book stories, prose and artwork, created by writers Alex Grecian, Jeremy Haun, B. Clay Moore and Seth Peck, along with a host of collaborators.

  • "Shane White" "Comics" "Samples" "Fantasy" "Kirby" "Inking" "Penciling" "Tales of Avalon"

    Tales of Avalon

    I was asked, some time ago, to illustrate six pages in the Kirby-Inspired Italian volume of TALES OF AVALON VOL. 2. Writer: Gianluca Maconi Artist: Shane White Publisher ReNoir Comics

  • "Shane White" "Hack/Slash" "Writer"

    Hack/Slash Trailers Part Two

    I wrote the story MALICE IN WONDERLAND about a doppleganger on the run.

  • "Shane White" "Marvel Comics" "Fantastic Four" "Wally Wood"

    1 Month 2 Live #3

    I was asked to do the third issue in this series in a style much like Wally Wood, a style I visited earlier in my FEAR AGENT story.

  • "Shane White" "Fractured Fables" "Silverline Comics" "Santa Claus"

    Fractured Fables

    Each person was given a fairytale figure to work with. I chose Santa Claus and wrote and drew a three page story. My first All-Ages book.

  • Things Undone

    THINGS UNDONE tells the story of a young man whose life is literally falling apart. He’s turning into a zombie. Rick Watts is trapped in another painful job and his relationship of seven years is starting to avalanche. Coping with with change has never been harder as Rick has to make a decision to salvage what he has of his old dead life, or pull the trigger on the entire fantasy.

  • Hawaiian Dick #5

    I had this idea for Clay to write a story using Abe Vigoda as a hitman. It was our first collaboration and I enjoyed it immensely. Just wished I’d had more than eight pages to work with.

  • "Shane White" "Jessica Staley" "Devils and Gods" "Image Comics" "Tori Amos"

    Comic Book Tattoo

    My wife, Jessica Staley and I collaborated on this TORI AMOS inspired anthology. We chose the song DEVILS AND GODS considering it was the shortest song and apt for broad interpretation. Easily one of my favorite collabs.

  • "Shane White" "Graphic Novel" "The Overman" "Trade Paperback" "Sci-Fi"

    The Overman

    The Overman trade paperback collects the acclaimed 5 issue limited series about a man named Nathan Fisher who skirts madness to stop the apocalyptic union of mankind and machine created by Omakon the very company who hired him.

  • Fear Agent #7

    Rick Remender asked me if I wanted to collaborate on a back-up story for Fear Agent. He ended up getting too busy with other projects and left me to do the whole thing myself. Hence I came up with THE EYE OF CHAOS. A piece inspired by Georges Méliès A Trip to the Moon one of the earliest sci-fi films I saw as kid.

  • Negative Burn #7

    I wrangled my friend Pav Kovacic to illustrate a 5 page humorous story I wrote called, VOLSTAGG: BARBARIAN COP for this anthology.

  • "Shane White" "North Country" "Graphic Novel" "NBM" "Comics"

    North Country

    This was my first graphic novel. It’s the story of a man who travels home and recollects the emotional hardships of growing up in a hardscrabble mill-town in the post-Vietnam era of the 1970s.