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It’s been a crazy couple of months. Busy as heck in a lot of good ways and making art. I’ve been knocking out covers for my friend, Jeremy Haun’s book THE REALM, which you should definitely read if you’re into urban fantasy or fans of Dungeons and Dragons. I’ve been painting a bunch, too, but nothing I’m really keen on showing. So much development still to go before I’m ready for prime time. Who knows…maybe I’ll never be. Must. Keep. Painting.

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I’ve got a bunch of things cooking that I’m hoping will turn into something or at least a steady stream of work. I have two comics series I’m prepping to pitch (edits and art still to do) while waiting on a script for the rest of ENDLESS SUMMER. Good comics take time, and that’s about the only comics I want to make these days. I have some really cool stuff planned for THE PROCESS as well. With two episodes finished in the queue and a dozen more shot I’m feeling pretty good about going into summer. Also, I have PATREON that I’m planning and will hopefully announce by the end of the summer if not before. It’ll give me a chance to teach on my terms and hopefully help fund the upgrading of my systems. Who knew at this level and with all these needs I’d be dipping into the expensive end of the computer pool? yeesh.

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