"shane white" "fantastic four" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"

In the second part of this series, I found some old FANTASTIC FOUR pages that I’d never submitted to anyone. I finished inking them as a way to warm up and get back into inking sequentials…but this time I tried something a little different.

"shane white" "fantastic four" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks""shane white" "fantastic four" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"Never having toned anything I thought it’d be a nice look to see what something would like like with halftones. I worked out what a good linescreen would be in Photoshop instead of Clip Studio where I didn’t feel I had the same control over the pixel size of the dots."shane white" "fantastic four" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks""shane white" "fantastic four" "comics" "comic art" "samples" "inks"Still, it might be a matter of time before I actually ever do this in a real book. Who knows…just might need for the right project to come along.