Somehow I made it through the turmoil of 2015. What a personally exhausting year. At least my family and friends made it through unscathed for the most part. Looking forward to renewed focus and vigor for 2016.

"Shane White" "Hawaiian Dick" "Pinup" "Illustration" "Hawiia" "Comics" "B.Clay Moore"This is a pinup from a trade called Great Big Hawaiian Dick from B.Clay Moore. It should be out later this year. Ask your retailer for it.

Meanwhile, my robot project may find it’s home through Kickstarter. Once I’m further along on a new project I may be yelling from the rooftops, like so many of my brethren and sisteren, who have come before me to support this endeavor.

As of right now I’m not going to any comic shows this year. This is a year of focus and doing. The Year of the Monkey, does not necessarily mean I need to act like one.