"Shane White" "Jet City Comic Show" "Comic Art" "Nazi" "Homunculus" "Bomber Girl"

I was contracted to do more collateral for this years JET CITY COMIC SHOW. It’s a fun one-day show that oddly enough will be the first show my Mom has been to. She’ll get to see the inner-workings and sadness of what it takes to sit on your butt all day and draw comic sketches while selling books and nearly starving yourself to death. Then again maybe it won’t be so bad.
"Shane White" "Jet City Show" "Nazi" "Homunculus" "Bomber Girl" "Black and White" "Comics Art"Anyway, this image was a lot of fun. Inspired by Mad Max: Thunderdome I thought a lederhosen-outfitted nazi homunculus with a dwarf general would make for an interesting image. The hits keep coming…who knows what other weird combination awaits me? 🙂