"shane white" "comics" "Braun" "Robots" "girls" "Sci Fi"


It’s book about a girl named Maven and Braun, her robot protector who by fate or design is kidnapped. Her and her friends come together to break him out but uncover a darker secret that could change the face of humankind.


Heart and soul baby. For the last several years that’s what I’ve been putting into this book. The story has been with me for a long time and now I’m releasing it into the electric wild. Thousands of hours for thousands of images make up this 168 page epic that will be released 3 pages weekly for a year. Crazy, huh? And it’s free! For now…

Crazier still is I’m planning a 200 page Kickstarter for a FULL COLOR print edition. Hoping to launch that badboy in January. So, if you like robots and girls, adventure and mystery…then you just might like this.

So please, follow along, spread the word and stayed tuned. I’ve got good stuff cookin’ in the kitchen.