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And so…it has begun. I started backing up a lot of my photography onto disks and then turned toward raw video footage that needed attention. But now…I’m down to my illustration and comic stuff that for whatever reason is hidden here and there in several folders. What’s great is it makes room for new things and I don’t feel like I’m revisiting old work that no longer inspires or frustrates.

Here’s a small story I wrote and drew along with 15 other pages of samples that I sent to Marvel after my 1Month 2 Live work was done.

"shane white" "comics" "spiderman" "illustration" "marvel comics" "pencils"These didn’t make the cut, so I wrote and drew another Spiderman story instead. And while I was happier with the results the work was easily ignored by various editors and publishers. Despite handing in my rushed assignment with a week to spare, more importantly, whatever I did made no lasting impression. I wasn’t the flavor they were looking for. And yeah, while it took a lot of time to create more samples that were in a few different styles, I still got to do what I love doing. Tell great stories.

It doesn’t mean I wasn’t ticked off, because I was…but really once it passes you have to let that go and move on to the next one.

"shanewhite" "comics" "spiderman" "penciling" "Marvel"Much like acting, you might have a great audition, or you may be just the right fit for the role, in your mind at least, but ultimately it’s not what someone else is looking for. And that, you have no control over. Do you quit? No. Do you try again? Sure, but try something different. Try breaking old habits and try to pay attention more (listen) to what is selling and see where your work fits in or better yet fills a void that has been overlooked.

"shanewhite" "comics" "spiderman" "penciling" "Marvel"Staying versatile and flexible may ensure that you’ll always find work but it doesn’t mean you have to compromise yourself with self-doubt at every twist and turn. As a creative we do that all too easily without anyone’s help. Give yourself a break, focus on what is working, what you’ve learned and try try again.