"Shane White" "Sketchbook" "Comic Art" "Book"

Finally, I have a sketchbook! 30 years in the making…well if you want to be literal I suppose. The quest started with finding the perfect printer for the right price. Actually it started with friends cajoling me to put something out. Then to find a printer. Ever since Mike Mignola dropped the gauntlet for sketchbooks at San Diego Comicon years ago it’s been a growing part of every comic artist’s arsenal of goods. In that time there’s been a lot of excellent books and a new found collectible market.

"Shane White" "Sketchbook" "Comic Art" "Book"

Luckily I found a printer who I absolutely love and the books look and feel really expensive. The reality is you get a lot for $10.

They’ll be debuting at Emerald City Comicon but you can order them in my store today. Maybe you know someone who’d like this if so TWEET it LIKE it or do what you have to to get the word out. And for a convincer here’s a small selection of DOUBLE-PAGE spreads to wet your whistle.

"Shane White" "Sketchbook" "Preview" "Art" "Comic Art"