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Short Version:

Shane Patrick White is a writer and artist who’s worked in comics, commercials, films, and video games for the past 25+ years. He’s created several graphic novels including BRAUN, a robot adventure epic. His recent collaborations include, ENDLESS SUMMER a sunshine noir OGN with writer B. Clay Moore. As well as with the band GWAR on their IN THE DUO-VERSE OF ABSURDITY OGN. He resides in the Pacific Northwest with his wife where he enjoys painting, hiking, and co-hosting his popular Youtube channel BEYOND THE PROCESS where he Explores the Art of Storytelling.

Long Version:

Born in 1970.

He started writing and drawing in 1972. Hence the start of his life of crime.

By 1975 he was compelled to re-imagine THE CAT IN THE HAT in it’s entirety…only better. He finished an exact replica (at least in his mind) of the cover and then drew various bikes, cars, banana trees and eventually another cat wearing a hat.

One year later he would be banned from the painting station because he thought a painting of legs coming out of someone’s head was far more interesting. The teacher did not see its merits. Mom intervenes and Shane is back painting under a baleful glare. Mom: 1 Teacher: 0

1978 He sees STAR WARS for the first time and draws it non-stop on the back of all his tests and homework assignments. He would receive various demerits for doing so. Burns out on Star Wars by 1980. Mom intervenes again, negotiating terms that suggest as long as his work is done it’s better than him disturbing the class with his hyper-activity. Mom: 2 Teacher: -1

By 1979 Shane acquires all 4 KISS solo albums and sets out to redraw their portraits without make-up hoping to Unmask them. He finishes with Gene and declares both he and his drawing ugly. Gives up on project.

1980 was the year that MAD magazine blew his mind. By the end of the year he was writing and drawing his own version of the magazine featuring various McDonald’s mascots as murderers, drug-dealers and rapists.

1981 is the year he made contact with Terry Gilliam’s TIME BANDITS easily the single-most influential film (next to HAROLD & MAUDE) until he sees BRAZIL 7 years later.

1982, 6th grade he was caught drawing on his desk, from memory, a bigger than life portrait of Abraham Lincoln from the five dollar bill. Teacher makes him clean 25 desks after school hoping to steer him from a life of forgery. Bonds with teacher and eventually on the last day of elementary school he and teacher ride their unicycles throughout the entire school. Teacher: 1 Shane: 0 +1

The Summer of 1982 he rediscovers comics at a gas station 5 miles from his house. He buys all 20 books for around $8. [Sadly you have to reverse those numbers today.] He would continue this dreadful love affair for the rest of his life.

Not having learned a lesson about school property, in 1983, he lies about drawing, once again from memory, the cover of HALLOWEEN 2: Season of the Witch novel on his desk. He got away with it, felt so bad about lying that he never lied again…except…for the first assignment in his art class. He copied a piece of art from an art instruction booklet and tried to pass it off as his own to fully impress his teacher and peers. Teacher got wise to this and broke him like a show pony. Teacher: 2 Shane: 0

1985– He discovers small press publishing on the inside cover of a TEENAGE MUTANT NINJA TURTLE comic. He starts writing, drawing and publishing his own work until retiring a whole two years later in 1987.

He graduates high school in 1988. Finally past the obstacle that kept him from drawing full-time, he heads off to college three months later where they encourage people to draw on their desks.

The rest of his life is a hit list of career moves each building on the one before and all with the focus of image-making routed in story. It’s easier to say, that once he fulfilled his obligations with higher learning, that he sought out the freedom of a non-stop creative life. If that’s success then he’s closer than he thinks and yet, still far from satisfied with his work.

He currently resides in the Northwest.